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  1. Gianluca

    RBC won't lower, what else could it be?

    Last year my RBC started to go up for no apparent reason with no changes in TRT dose, I have seen it in December of 2022 at 5.9 with HGB at 18.7 At the beginning of this year I started to lower my Test dose from 180 to 140mg weekly. Again 3 months ago I went from 140 to 126mg weekly, along with...
  2. E

    Blood Work, New Doc, Concerns

    So my pcp retired, I now have a new pcp who says he cannot prescribe TRT. I was referred to Endo and it's a 6-8 month wait. I'm on my last 1ml vial. I injected .15ml on Monday vs the usual .25 . I've also been out of HCG for 3 weeks...and strangely I can feel the difference. Furthermore I just...
  3. A

    Anybody use low low low normal dose to successfully address high hemoglobin and hematocrit levels?

    Anybody use low low low normal dose to successfully address high hemoglobin and hematocrit levels? I am currently down to only 75mg a week (100mg strength vial). Even doing daily shots now for months and months and my numbers still keep creeping up until i have to donate blood! At what point...
  4. A

    Nattokinase supplement - anybody have it lower your hemoglobin and hematocrit levels?

    Hi, Has anybody successfully used Nattokinase supplement and have it lower your hemoglobin and hematocrit levels? Proven by before and after blood labs? Thanks!
  5. M

    Managed hematocrit but not hemoglobin?

    After I found out a good dose and managed my hematocrit I am facing now another issue. Hemoglobin increases and went up to 17.4 I just donated to take it down. I want it to be around 15.5 what do you guys do regarding increases in hemoglobin?? I don’t see a lot of thread about it as much as...
  6. J

    Power Red or whole blood donation for high hematocrit ?

    I made a Power Red donation one day before my Doctor's appointment to receive my testosterone supply. My doctor tests my hemoglobin every 10 weeks when I go in. I always worry I won't be given my testosterone if I test high. My doctor won't administer if I score is near 18g/dl. My hemoglobin...
  7. B

    Niacin B3 vitamin

    Hi all, I started taking niacin for cholesterol and triglycerides in the past year. I get blood work done every year. However; my recent blood work showed elevated hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. My testosterone levels are the lowest then previously years (700ng/dl). The past year, I also...
  8. R

    Is TRT dangerous?

    Just met with a local highly regarded endocrinologist because I wanted his take on my TRT situation. Been on TRT for 6 months and have had elevated hematocrit (54-55%) and hemoglobin (18’s) the whole time. He said what I’m doing (TRT) is dangerous and I’m at higher risk for heart attack and...
  9. R

    How strict is Defy when it comes to elevated hematocrit/hemoglobin?

    I’m new here so apologies if this is the wrong forum. I’m considering switching to Defy after 6 months on TRT at a local clinic. I’ve had elevated hemoglobin (high 17’s to low 18’s) and hematocrit (51-53%) most of the time I’ve been on TRT. But I was also on 180mg per week which is probably too...
  10. G

    Recent Labs 5/17

    Hey everyone, here are some recent lab results using 24mg eod test cyp sub-q/shallow IM for about 6-8 weeks. I feel much more relaxed and anxiety is lower, blood pressure is lower than 50mg twice per week. The problem now is my memory and brain function are quite low. I'm sleeping great...
  11. H

    Hemoglobin too high for t deficiency?

    Hello gentlemen, A big thank you to all those that contribute on this board! I visited a Dr. and had a talk about low t since I have many of the symptoms. She granted a blood work and it showed a hemoglobin level of 170 g/l while t was at 8.6nmol/l (247 ng/dl). She said that the hemoglobin...
  12. T

    Phlebotomy frequency to reduce Hemoglobin numbers

    Went to donate the other day and my hemoglobin was 20.3. They didn’t let me donate. They recommended I get doctor’s orders to do therapeutic phlebotomies weekly until my numbers were within range then go back to doing bi-monthly or quarterly donations. Anyone else had to do this?
  13. N

    Therapeutic Phlebotomy (oregon)

    I can’t find anywhere to do therapeutic phlebotomy in Oregon. I tried donating blood yesterday but my hemoglobin was 21... that’s like 63 hematocrit. Because it’s so high I went to the walk-in clinic at the hospital where my PCP works. They saw me and all they did was try lecturing me on the...
  14. G

    Cant donate due to low iron

    I've found myself in a jam. Hematocrit is not really high, but its high enough to be causing symptoms. My iron is low, and so is my copper. I inject 100mg a week, and wondering if I cut that to 50mg a week, would that help without raising hematocrit even further. Im at 48% and and hemoglobin is...
  15. S

    New Labs After Adding 750 Units HCG

    I was on 250 units HCG 2x weekly. I added a third injection bringing it to 750 units weekly. I feel better as far as improved orgasms and sensitivity. I also inject 14mg Test CYP EOD sub-q. Just got my labs back. Please have a look
  16. R

    Hematocrit Hemoglobin High on TRT

    I am on TRT and recently my doc sent me to blood donation center to reduce my hematocrit level. My level was 50.1 My total testosterone level is about 900 something. Hemoglobin(16.7) x3 = 50.1 ( Hematocrit ) So I went to donate 1 pint blood yesterday. My question is how often can I donate...
  17. S

    High HGB and HCT - How long to lower naturally?

    Suppose a guy has slightly elevated hemoglobin and hematocrit. As a result, a protocol change is made to an overall lower weekly dose and smaller, more frequent injections. No blood donation or therapeutic phlebotomy. Assuming the protocol change would positively affect HGB/HCT, how long would...
  18. V

    Low Platelets with HIGH H/H

    I've been on TRT for about 2 years and have always been slightly paranoid about my higher Hematocrit and Hemoglobin. Hemoglobin usually runs around 18 (13.2-17.1) and Hematocrit usually runs around 52% ( 38.5-50). I've already done the donate blood / crash Ferritin thing and so I no longer...
  19. G

    TRT, Maca and Hematocrit/Hemoglobin

    Looks like Maca can reduce hemoglobin and hematocrit when elevated. Any chance it’ll reduce elevated levels in TRT induced erythrocytosis? “Ovariectomized rats showed significant (P<0.05) increase in red blood cells (RBC) count with administration of Maca-GO (Tables (Tables3a3a and and3b),3b)...
  20. Z

    Hematocrit - The Cause of My Problem?

    So after mass research I am pretty certain what my issues are. I have had pretty each skin that’s been uncomfortable. Along with chest pain, and it seems with the itchy skin it’s having a high hemocrit. Is there anyway to lower it? Should I just take a break from my testosterone?? I only do labs...
  21. T

    New Labs Your Thoughts

    I donated blood about three weeks before my most recent labs. I still have high RBC, Hemoglobin, and Hematocrit. My doctor has given me a script for phlebotomy. What gives? Current protocol: 30mg Monday/Thursday 200iu HCG Monday/Thursday 81mg aspirin daily Fish Oil Coq10 Cardio 6 days a...
  22. T

    High blood pressure after half a year

    Hey searched for some answers in the forum, but couldnt really find a specific one. The thing is that my blood pressure was fine around half a year after I started TRT but the last 1-2 months my blood pressure is often around 130-145 systol and 80 dia, pulse 65. That is quite scary. When I...
  23. Nelson Vergel

    Hemoglobin: The Good, the Bad, Tests, and Normal Values

    Hemoglobin is an extremely important protein. As an essential part of red blood cells, it delivers oxygen to all parts of the body. In this post (Part 1), we go over health benefits, roles, and harms of hemoglobin. In addition, we discuss hemoglobin lab tests, normal values, and reference...
  24. T

    Polycythemia? Tests Are In Range

    Hi everyone, 1 began trt around September 2016 after a long battle with the symptoms of low T. Tried everything under the sun prior to no avail. My basic question is, can a man have blood ranges all within rage on the CBC any still feel very unwell due to thicker more viscious blood? I...
  25. A

    High H&H

    I've been on 100/MG weekly for almost 3 months. The most recent blood work came back and showed the following: MOST RECENT 12/9/2016 TESTOSTERONE: 856 FREE TEST: 25.9 ESTRADIOL: 69.7 RBC's: 6.40 HEMOGLOBIN: 18.1 HEMATOCRIT: 54.2 PRIOR TO TRT:09/15/2016 TESTOSTERONE: 174 FREE TEST: 4.4...
  26. P

    Negative test for sleep apnea and raised Hemoglobin

    Can hemoglobin and hemocrit still be affected by excessive snoring and disrupted sleep even tho I was tested negative for sleep apnea ? Any insight would be helpful.
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