heart disease

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    Excess niacin causes blood vessel inflammation and cardiovascular disease

    They are finally realizing that anything promoting blood vessel inflammation, in this case excess niacin metabolites, can lead to cardiovascular disease. It's not the cholesterol. https://consultqd.clevelandclinic.org/link-discovered-between-excess-niacin-and-cardiovascular-disease
  2. Vince

    Rocky’ Star Carl Weathers’ Cause of Death Revealed

  3. A

    Galectin-3: a novel biomarker for the prognosis of heart failure

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5433562/ Galectin-3: a novel biomarker for the prognosis of heart failure HILMAN ZULKIFLI AMIN, LUKMAN ZULKIFLI AMIN, and IKA PRASETYA WIJAYA Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer Go to: Abstract Heart failure...
  4. J

    HCG and Heart Disease

    Do you know if there's any contradiction with TRT and HCG (300 iu's twice a week) with someone who has very mild coronary artery disease? I'm trying to regain fertility over the next year and I'm going the slow and steady route.
  5. W

    Nandrolone and HRT Article

    Yeah I know it is in a meathead magazine but it was put together by some educated meatheads and really gets at what we've been trying to figure out relative to nandrolone and HRT. It also contains that 4 letter word we don't use on this site either. The use of ARBs or ACEi is one worth noting...
  6. J

    Low T levels increase damage in artheriosclerosis

    It's an animal study, but probably relevant to men. It's best not to eat an unhealthy diet, but it's good to know that testosterone protects against heart artery damage. The abstract says: "To gain insights into the role of testosterone in the development of atherosclerosis and its related...
  7. Vince

    What causes heart disease?

    https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2016/01/18/what-causes-heart-disease/ Of course, by heart disease I mean the thickenings and narrowings in the larger arteries in the body (atherosclerotic plaques). I am also focussing almost entirely on the arteries supplying blood to the heart (coronary...
  8. J

    Cardiovascular Disease and Reducing Saturated Fat

    Cochrane Review has published a new meta-analysis on the relation between saturated fat in the diet and cardiovascular disease. Their results showed that reducing saturated fat reduced cardiovascular disease (CVD) events, but not morality. The abstract said: "We included 15 randomised...
  9. J

    Low T ab Independent Risk Factor for Heart Disease

    From the abstract: Whether androgen deficiency among men increases the risk of cardiovascular (CV) events or is merely a disease marker remains a subject of intense scientific interest. In this post hoc analysis of men with available baseline plasma T concentrations, we examined the...
  10. J

    TRT Increases Marker for Heart Disease in HIV+ Men

    If you've watched the documentary "The Widowmaker," you know the calcium artery score is a marker for risk of heart attack. A recent study, reported at an AIDS conference but not yet published, found more coronary artery calcium progression among HIV+ men on TRT than those who were not on TRT. A...
  11. G

    20 Heart-Healthy Actions With Better Risk/Reward Than Statins

    Here at Excelmale there are frequent posts discussing the pros and cons of statins, and one in particular several weeks ago where a position paper was cited where the assumption was that statins are not only a viable option but should be the first line of defense against heart disease. As I have...
  12. J

    Ivor Cummins: Reversing Calcification and Heart Disease.

    This is one man's story. Not just any man, though Want to Reverse Your Calcification and Heart Disease? Here's How! Podcast Ep21 | The Fat Emperor
  13. J

    Increase in CVD in Men on TRT

    A new study tracked men on TRT for five years and tracked cardiovascular events. It found about a 20% increased risk in men on TRT, mostly during the first two years. The abstract says: "Using the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD), we formed a cohort of men aged 45 years or older...
  14. J

    Association of Heart Disease with Endogenous Testosterone

    This study is getting a lot of attention in the press today. It used "Mendelian randomization." Basically, some genetic variants cause men to have lower testosterone levels and the study compared the rates of heart disease between men with and without these genetic variations. The study used...
  15. J

    Low free t3 cardiovascular mortality

    I was researching this topic and I found this study online. A few of you may know I questioned targeting higher free t3 during thyroid hormone replacement. Low free t3 and it’s effects on the cardiovascular system may have changed my mind. Theres accutually a good amount of research on this...
  16. Nelson Vergel

    Testosterone to estradiol ratio reflects systemic and plaque inflammation

    Testosterone to oestradiol ratio reflects systemic and plaque inflammation and predicts future cardiovascular events in men with severe atherosclerosis Testosterone to estradiol ratio reflects systemic and plaque inflammation and predicts future cardiovascular events in men with severe...
  17. Nelson Vergel

    Beyond Testosterone: Interview with Dr Lynese Lawson

    Dr Lawson speaks about factors that can get in the way of effectiveness of testosterone replacement like thyroid dysfunction, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease and exposure to toxins.Dr. Lawson is the founder and medical director of Proactive Wellness Centers, PLC (PWC) of Vienna...
  18. Nelson Vergel

    Testosterone Replacement Decreases Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Disease

    Abstract from AUA2016.org Low Serum Testosterone is Associated with Elevations in High-Sensitivity Cardiovascular Disease Biomarkers Authors: Alexander W. Pastuszak*, Mark C. Lindgren, Samuel J. Ohlander, Amin Herati, Houston, TX, Joel Estis, Alameda, CA, Larry I. Lipshultz, Houston, TX...
  19. Nelson Vergel

    Testosterone , DHT and E2 do not influence mortality in middle-aged men

    Neutral associations of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and estradiol with fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular events, and mortality in men aged 17-97 years Chan, Y. X., Knuiman, M. W., Hung, J., Divitini, M. L., Beilby, J. P., Handelsman, D. J., Beilin, J., McQuillan, B. and Yeap, B. B...
  20. Nelson Vergel

    Low free T3 can increase heart disease

    Low serum free triiodothyronine levels are associated with the presence and severity of coronary artery disease in the euthyroid patients: an observational study. Ertaş F, et al. Anadolu Kardiyol Derg. 2012. Abstract OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship...
  21. H

    Could a vegan, low-carbohydrate diet reduce the risk of heart disease?

    In a 2009 study, Dr. David Jenkins, of St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Canada, and colleagues found that a low-carbohydrate vegan diet - labeled as "Eco-Atkins" - was effective for weight loss. Now, new research from the team finds the diet may also reduce the risk of heart disease by 10%...
  22. JWSimpkins

    Is Cholesterol Really the Cause of Heart Disease?

    We all know that cholesterol is bad for us, right? At least that's the story we've all been told by conventional medicine and government health agencies for decades now. But what would you say if I told you that cholesterol doesn't cause heart disease and that it's actually essential to your...
  23. Nelson Vergel

    Sometimes, Exercise as Effective as Taking Drugs

    For the current study, the researchers analyzed the results of 305 randomized controlled trials involving 339,274 individuals and found no statistically detectable differences between exercise and drug interventions for secondary prevention of heart disease and prevention of diabetes. Among...
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