hcg dosing

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  1. R

    HCG Syringe amount for 400 iu from a 6,000 iu vial?

    Okay. Now I'm confused a bit after reading some. I was sent 2 x 6,000 iu vials of HCG from Empower (through Defy). I mixed one vial with 6 ml of the provided water which I believe is correct. I am supposed to inject 400 iu twice a week along with my T Cyp injection. I thought I just needed to...
  2. N

    HCG low dose daily and higher dose the two days before testosterone injection

    Hey guys. I am currently on the following TRT regimen: Test Cypionate 200mg IM q weekly Anastrazole 0.5 mg on T shot day HCG 500 IU SQ on the last 2 days of the week before T shot day My question is: Would it make sense to instead use HCG 100 IU 5 days per week and then increase to 250 IU...
  3. P

    Dosing Hcg e.o.d ?

    Hi Guys, After getting new bloodwork done, my test dose was raised but it caused alot of ichy sensitive nipples, lowered sex drive,and I felt like e2 was climbing, so I added 12.5 mgs anastrozole 2 x's wk with my shot. So I'm changing to an e.o.d. shot of .25 cyp in hopes of bringing down e2...
  4. Vince Carter

    Increasing my HcG dosing/frequency

    I've yet to really enjoy the sexual side of my TRT therapy. I'm experiencing ED; tough to get and maintain an erection. I can't say that my libido is great, I think it's good, I certainly see attractive females and have the thoughts but the physical response is nil. I have been recently...
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