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  1. K

    Weird experiences on TRT +HCG

    Hi all I'm 5,11 210 lbs 35 age I had started TRT and HCG together about 7 months ago. I will good around 3 week make. I had constant fatigue, depression, and just this really slowness towards things . Which got quite rereduced. And I felt excited about things. I was at 80mg Test back then...
  2. J


    Hi everybody. I would like to hear from people having experience (or having knowledge) on different hcg dose frequency protocols. Basically I want to know if every day lower dose has any different outcome, better o worse, compared to every other day, every 3 days, twice weekly etc. I mean, same...
  3. Mountain Man

    Best prices on HCG?

    A friend of mine who has been on HCG for two years is no longer getting it covered from his insurance. He is concerned about fertility and does not want TRT. Does anyone know where HGC can be purchased at a decent price? Do overseas pharmacies carry this? He has a prescription but needs info on...
  4. S

    Using HCG test to diagnose primary hypogonadism

    In a interview dr Michael Scally say: ..."The first phase of the HPTA protocol examines the functionality of the testicles by the direct action of hCG. hCG raises sex hormone levels directly through the stimulation of testis and secondarily decreases the production and level of the...
  5. Vince Carter

    HCG source

    Passing this along as I had this site recommended to my thru ProteinFactory/Alex Rogers and in checking it out I see they have HCG if you need a source for it and can't get it in the mainstream. Buy HCG online. Purchase HCG from reliable source.
  6. R

    hCG induced Leydig apoptosis mitigated with TUDCA

    The authors S-J PARK et-al 2012 demonstrate a mechanism for hCG-induced endoplasmic recticulum stress leading to Leydig cell death in a mouse Leydig cell tumor line (in vitro ). "In addition, TUDCA as a chemical chaperone and ER stress inhibitor can rescue hCG-induced ER stress-mediated...
  7. Nelson Vergel

    How long does HCG remain active after mixing it with water?

    I got this answer from a compounding pharmacy owner friend of mine. ************************* I have several potency over time results that were done by ARL Labs. Unfortunately, they are not stability indicating as that test requires a lot of money, which is why not many compounding pharmacies...
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