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    EOD question

    Was wondering with EOD injections what your dose per week equals. Say someone was doing 30mg EOD would that equal 120mg a week? And if you go up by 10mg does that just add 30mg per week. So say it was 40mg EOD would that equal 150mg per week? And so on. Because some weeks it’s 3 days a week...
  2. C

    Switched to EOD and feeling worst

    Guys, As some of you know, I recently changed protocols from weekly injections to every 3.5 days. That change was a pretty drastic decision on my part but I almost immediately felt the benefits of it and stayed the course for seven weeks before drawing blood the day before next injection...
  3. C

    Will I benefit more if I switch to EOD

    I wanted to start another thread so not to get off topic with another thread I started. About 8 weeks ago I switched to 50mg of test every 3.5 days and feel pretty good on that protocol but feel there is room for Improvement. On this protocol I have not needed any AI’s which is one of the main...
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