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  1. FlamingDragon

    Testosterone Cypionate vs Enanthate Ester break down

    I successfully switched over to Enanthate from Cypionate and I feel much better. I was wondering if the esters in these two Testosterones broke down the same. I guess what Im trying to say is, I know that the Cypionate has a longer chain ester than the Enanthate but when you body is breaking...
  2. B

    Natural daily male Test production correlating to TRT dosing......

    From my research I have found that the typical healthy young male naturally produces on average 4 to 7 mg of Testosterone per day... so 7 mg per day at 7 days per week = 49 mg of Test per/wk... Why in the hell was I using 200mg of Cyp per week (actually 140mg Test minus the ester) and...
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