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  1. B

    Doctors in San Diego

    I had a great setup, a ND that was working under an MD that did billing to my insurance co. The company dissolved and everyone went cash pay. I have Blue Shield PPO and have been getting extensive labs and TRT covered for over 3 years. Just need to find a doc that bills insurance. I hear that...
  2. bennettjc

    My Personal Account Of My Becoming A Member of The "TRT Community."

    A TRT Community Member’s Typical, but Difficult Journey
  3. T

    Endocrinologist meeting tomorrow.

    Hi guys, I’m a uk bloke who after jumping through a number of hoops to try and get referred, has a meeting with an endocrinologist tomorrow. Ive got low t (200 ng/dl) after a testicular teratoma and radiotherapy 20 years ago, and I could do with some help with what to push on tomorrow please...
  4. B

    Looking for Dr. Westin Childs reviews.

    Hello everyone, is anyone currently being treated by Dr. Childs or has been treated by him. If so, could you share your story. If any of y'all know of another great open minded doctor who can help me with my thyroid please comment. I would prefer a doctor in Houston, TX but i'll take any...
  5. S

    Are All Endocrinologists Idiots?

    I just had my 3rd experience with a new endocrinologist. He reviewed my labs and looked at my total T of 1003 (reference range top limit was 950) and said that I am overdosing and if I don't immediately lower this I will have a coronary event in the next 5 years. He then told me for my age (55)...
  6. S

    Endocrinologist in New York ?

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend an Endocrinologist in the New York City area. Specifically to treat thyroid issues. Thank you
  7. keithc2485

    Severe Testicular Atrophy and Want to Try HCG

    hey everyone.. SO , I am on 100mg of Cyp. a week , been about 2.5 years. Since then , the severity of my Testicular atrophy has gotten pretty bad. I want to start an HCG cycle to help, but my Endo wont work with me. He said "sure you can take HCG, or Clomide but, you have to stop Testosterone...
  8. T

    Low libido and a visit to the Endocrinologist

    Hello all, I hope this sunday finds all of you doing well. I began having problems with my libido about 3 months ago. Cialis worked for me well since 2012 and now it's just not doing much at all, sometimes it gives a boost if I lay off it for a week or 2 but then it goes right back to nearly...
  9. C

    Looking for solid endocrinologist in Atlanta, ga

    Any recommendations? My TSH is a little high at 2.9 (.4-4.5) so I’m going to have more labs drawn and possibly seek out an endo in Atlanta. My urologist doesn’t seem to be worried about anything other than fertility...
  10. keithc2485

    does anyone know of a good TRT doc IN NNJ area?

    i have struggled to find a smart enough dr. to not just prescribe me the the drug. i need guidance and monitoring , and no dr I can find knows a damn thing ....if anyone knows anybody in the NNJ area. that would be great....thank you
  11. C

    Any doctors willing to prescribe trimix in Washington DC Metro area (Maryland, Virginia, DC)

    I was wondering if anyone had a good recommendation for a urologist or endo who would prescribe Trimix and TRT in the DC Metro area. I have had ED for 2 years and diagnosed with low-t 6 months ago. I will soon be starting TRT but have gone to two urologists and both have been dead set...
  12. E

    Endo not to par? :( Finding a Doctor with Experience on how to Properly administer TRT

    Evening gentlemen, first time post'e long time thread reader. So as of March 2016 i am TRT free, my Primary doc suggested i do so since i was going to an ageless health clinic to receive weekly shots of 130mg Test Cyp , .25 arimidex, and 500iu of HCG. He suggested a break to establish a baseline...
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