emptying testosterone vial

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  1. S

    Lately I Can Only Get 1ml Baby Vials. WTF?

    I usually always get the large vial for Test C at Walgreens. For my last 2 refills they are telling me those are on backorder and all I can get are the baby 1ml vials. So damn annoying trying to fill a syringe with that micro-vial. Am I the only one having this problem? Also, the larger vials...
  2. Vin

    Best way to pull last bit of Testosterone out of the vial

    Hi guys., I searched for info on this but didn't find see it., in your experience, what is the best way to pull out the remaining Testosterone out of the a vial when it's almost out. I'm down to the last little bit in the vial, and from my calculations, even with allowing for any loss.. it...
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