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  1. bumpy

    Spemen - Increased Ejaculate Volume and Fertility.

    Has anyone tried Spemen for ejaculate volume and increased fertility? It's looks like a very interesting "drug"/supplement that has some excellent sexual health benefits. If you've used it, I'd love to hear your experiences with it. Thank you
  2. D

    High Hematocrit and sexual function

    I've been on TRT for about 2 years now, with Defy most of that time. Here's how things looked from my last labs in September: Total T: 655 Free T: 21 Hematocrit: 52.1 E2 Sensitive: 32.9 SHBG (from previous lab): 23.4 DHEA (previous labs): 353 Protocol: 50MG Cyp 2x/week 400iu HCG at the same...
  3. A

    Ejaculate changes on Clomid - High E2?

    Hey guys, Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm a 27 year old, relatively active guy. Noticed low T symptoms, doctor decided to try fixing it (thankfully, given I didn't have the crazy low levels of some other guys seeking treatment). I recently started Clomid and switched my care to Defy...
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