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    Estradiol E2 Testing in Men: Comparison Between Regular and Sensitive E2 Assays

    Since this question is always a hot topic on here, I did both tests at the same time to see how far apart they were, Royal paid for the non-sensitive and I paid cash for the sensitive in the same blood draw: ESTRADIOL, SENSITIVE 22.6 PG/ML 8.0-35.0 02 Methodology: Liquid chromatography tandem...
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    E2 vs Sensitive E2 test

    My Dr ordered just a regular estradiol test. I asked him if he could do a sensitive estradiol instead... I assume it is the same only more sensitive... Is that correct? I am looking at switching over to Defy. As this guy seems slightly incompetent comparatively Thanks, Luke
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    Help with surprising 3-month lab results?

    Hello all, So I got my 3-month lab results today along with a note to STOP my protocol for now, take baby aspirin, hydrate, give blood, and get another CBC panel in 10-14 days. The surprising results: - Hematocrit: 54.2 (37.5 - 51) - Total T: 1396 (264 - 916) - Free T: 31.8 (7.2 - 24) - E2...
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    E2 "sweetspot" question

    Do you guys think that we should all try to get our E2 around where it was pre-TRT, or do you think our sweet spot for E2 would increase since we are increasing our testosterone on TRT. For example, pre TRT my E2 consistently was around 23-25. So it seems that my body liked to keep my E2 around...
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