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    What is considered optimal Estradiol, Ultrasensitive range?

    I think the other day I may have taken too much AI and crashed my E2 cuz had numb cock and no libido and Viagra had almost no effect. 2 days later I took Estradiol blood test and Estradiol Ultrasensitive LC/MS blood test. The results… Estradiol = 21 (Range: < OR = 39) Estradiol Ultrasensitive...
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    New results are making me angry

    Hi all After being too high with free t I dropped it down to 100 mg a week. 3 shots a week. . I also started HCG 0.25 iu x 3 a week. I couldn't hack the feeling on HCG anymore and went on to estridol of 1 mg a day. This is because I have never been able to aromatize much from my test...
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    Daily Injections and blood work irregularities

    Hi everyone, first post but have greatly appreciated everyone’s comments on the forum that I have been reading through. I am having some frustration getting my protocol dialed in. Started TRT 1.5 years ago and have been using Testosterone Cypionate and all injections SubQ. Blood work and dosage...
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    Low Estradiol labs

    Hello, First time posting here so bear with me if I don't present correctly. I'm on TRT and have been for around 5 years now prescribed by my urologist. I'm on Testosterone Cypionate 200 MG/ML 1 ml per week. I'm also taking arimidex cut in half twice per week to control estrogen. My last lab...
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    GREAT article / BLOG post on E2. worth a read.

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    Low Estradiol Symptoms: Fatigue along the lines of sleepiness hypersomnia (sleeping too much and too often) strong erections but limited sensitivity loss of erections osteoporosis and osteopenia joint pain, clicking or popping joints eye fatigue (eyes seem more tired despite adequate sleep...
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