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  1. BadassBlues

    The Religion of Nutrition

    I am a foodie. Next to sex, eating is one of the greatest joys in life. I watch all of the top food shows and I love to cook. Bobby Flay and Alton Brown are two of my favorites. Alton Brown is particularly interesting because he delves into the science of cooking. I eat a very diverse range of...
  2. BigTex

    Increasing your muscle mass during a rigorous weight loss diet?

    Hypoenergetic diet–induced weight loss results in ∼20–30% of mass lost as lean body mass (LBM), with the remaining mass lost from adipose tissue. So normally you can expect for every 10 pounds of body weight you lost to also lost 2-3 pounds of muscle tissue. However, is there a way to avoid...
  3. BigTex

    Protein digestion rates and how it can be used in diet.

    Protein timing is considered an important aspect of building fitness and strength by professional and amateur athletes. The term ‘protein timing’ in this case basically refers to the time it takes protein to digest and assimilate and be available for use in the body. The digestion rate of...
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