dht conversion

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  1. S

    Sudden Elevated DHT?

    Curious if anyone has experienced a sudden onset of elevated DHT levels? Over the past 6 months my DHT has jumped from 79 to 123. Estradiol went from 39 to 52. My program for the last five years is 90mg Test Cyp 2x week. I have RX for AI but rarely if ever need it. I average high 800’s approx...
  2. S

    Creatine Monohydrate to increase DHT conversion

    Hi all, I recently read a clinical trial on pubmed demonstrating the increase of DHT conversion from Testosterone. I understand some guys who have not benefited from Testosterone injections do better on gels due to the fact they convert more testosterone to DHT. Has anyone experience with...
  3. Z

    Testosterone Cream and DHT increase

    So I was on cream for about a year and in that year i noticed my anxiety was heightened. I also had other issues as stated of just feeling like crap. Anyways when doing labs, most my dht readings were upwards of 3-400. I was just wondering if that could of have been the culprit of my anxiety...
  4. B

    Non scrotal application +DHT

    has anyone used topical testosterone on non scrotal areas and had dht tested? I’ve seen guys talk about having high levels on Androgel, but thought maybe the larger surface area of low strength testosterone might convert more to dht? Thanks gents
  5. Vince Carter

    How to promote 5AR and DHT conversion

    I have access to a cream that is applied to the scrotum daily, which works really well, verified by testing. But I'm interested in more natural things, anything that might promote the 5AR conversion to DHT. I've investigated Sorghum and I do use Creatine but I don't think that those have had a...
  6. M

    Injection frequency and DHT conversion

    It seems that more frequent injections help keep E2 and HCT in check. Does injection frequency have any effect on DHT levels?
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