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  1. G

    Has anyone with low shbg tested sustanon in microdoses? Or testosterone microdoses + Deca microdoses like HRT?

    Hypothetically the elevation of T in the blood could be smoother with sustanon, so I would like to know if anyone has tested frequent microdoses with it. The idea of using small doses of test with small doses of deca would be to maintain good levels of e2, which are crushed by deca and have...
  2. josh220

    Adding deca to trt

    I have recently added 100mg of deca to trt protocol and was wondering if this is OK to run for long period of time without being dangerous. Wonder about things like lvh? Not sure if 100mg od deca can even cause lvh? Thanks.
  3. U

    Terrible Nandrolone Experience

    So I've been on 100mg of testosterone a week for a while now. I split my doses into 50mg twice a week. My doc suggested using 50mg of nandrolone to help with joint pain. I took 25mg of nandrolone with my testosterone dose at the beginning of the week and then I took 25mg more of nandrolone on my...
  4. S

    Lowering Test dose and adding Nandrolone

    First off I'd like to say thank you to the consistent contributers of this forum. I've learned a ton from many of your guys' conversations on here. I've been on trt for over a year and a half and have been dealing with chronic joint pain/inflammation for years. My doctor just added nandrolone...
  5. N

    Experiences using Deca Durabolin or NPP for TRT?

    Hi all. So, I am very sensitive to DHT. Even 125mg TEST E every 6 days gives me bad scalp acne/cysts. I would like to hear from people that have used Deca Durabolin og NPP for TRT. Or maybe a mix of Deca/Test (80/20 for instance) Its could have some benefits, since the Anabolic/Androgenic...
  6. Kev101

    Oxandrolone and Nandrolone (common availability)

    Hi all, When I started reading about TRT back in the mid 2000's I was in my 20's, college and inexperienced but always read on the forums that no doc will give a young man test even if he is in the 200-400 range. It was rare and like gold to get help. This is what I read countless times, can't...
  7. B

    Nandrolone and hematocrit?

    I've been on 200mg nd/100mg test a week for a while as an attempt to help with my chronic joint issues. It seems to be working but I'm concerned the nd dose is too high, after a few months my hematocrit has jumped to the upper 50s and I'm generally feeling very crappy Would 50-100mg of ND be...
  8. B

    Deca for TRT - effects on e2 and hematocrit vs Test?

    my doc has put me on a 100 test/100 deca regime instead of my usual 200mg of test, his thinking is that this will lower my e2 a little as well as possibly help my hematocrit which has been creeping up Are there any studies or anecdotes that compare the hematocrit raising effects of nandrolone...
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