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  1. R

    I’ve ran out of trt

    So I’m a daily trt user. 14 mg daily for the past year . My question is simple . How long or how many days will it take to feel like crap ? Anyone have any experience missing a shot or not being able to get the prescription . I have to wait 2-3 days . Thanks everyone
  2. D

    Daily Cyp injections and Labs

    I've recently switched from a "T clinic" to a urologist. With this I've changed from weekly Cyp. injections to daily. He's pretty by the book and will be wanting my levels in the "normal" range. I like mine prob a little higher. Long story shorter, I'm curious how levels roll down after stopping...
  3. J

    I have forgotten my testosterone gel today

    Dear friends, I have gone to the countryside for two days. We have a small homestead and we have been there for sometime. I used my testosterone gel yesterday in the morning (when I usually do it) but today as I have forgotten my TRT gel at home I have been unable to administer it. Could I...
  4. G

    Alternating Dosage Every other day on Daily Dosing

    Hi everyone, Just a theory I've been having. I started doing daily dosing recently and it's probably the best I've felt since staring TRT. I'm a low SHBG by the way (around 20). But my main issue is insomnia and I'm curious if this is caused by having a steady state of high test levels. So...
  5. R

    Daily subQ vs IM ?

    So I’ve been doing daily IM shots and I must say I’ve gotten great results but I’m getting tired of how long and far I have to inject into my body and I hear subQ is so much easier especially with low amounts of testosterone. Is there anyone who has switched and gotten the same results or better...
  6. R

    Multi dosage vials ?

    I’m thinking about going to every day injections since my shbg is really low around 8-10. and I know buying daily 1ml vials can be expensive I think right now on EOD it’s about 50$ every two weeks right now . So my question is do we (USA) have multi dosage vials of like 10mls where I can draw my...
  7. T

    Daily Levitra (Vardenafil)

    Has anyone had success taking daily doses of Levitra, similar to daily doses of Cialis? I have been getting constant flushing and muscle/joint pain with daily Cialis (even at 1.25 mg/day), which is a shame because I enjoy the benefits. I'm hoping that Levitra will have less side effects but...
  8. T

    Daily dosage and blood work irregularities

    Hi everyone, first post but have greatly appreciated everyone’s comments on the forum that I have been reading through. I am having some frustration getting my protocol dialed in. Started TRT 1.5 years ago and have been using Testosterone Cypionate and all injections SubQ. Blood work and dosage...
  9. T

    What is going on??

    So I'm a low shbg guy and I have struggled over the past year with estradiol management. About three, four weeks ago I switched to an everyday protocol. I was on 40 mg every other day my new protocol was 16 mg daily. Well lo and behold I felt fine for a short while, but then I started to have...
  10. I

    Changed my mind!

    I’m going to try daily injections! Going to be using 14mg every day ( have been on 40mg EOD and .25 mg arimidex for over a year - 5 years of TRT total ) Using 29gauge insulin needles .5” inch in shoulder. I’ll update periodically how I feel and will get bloodwork done in 6 weeks. My current...
  11. T

    Injecting HCG and Testosterone in one syringe

    I saw Nelson's video about injecting HCG and T with the same syringe, and I've read about others on this site. I've struggled with E2 and I am thinking of moving from EOD to daily. The doc said I could add back in HCG at 100 every day (came off due to high E2 symptoms 24 hours after dosing)...
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