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    Quitting TRT after low dosage of T

    Hi. I have quit TRT after a year of low dosage of T (50 MG a week), which was with some HCG type testicle stimulating therapy. Do I still need clomid and anestosole TRT quitting therapy if a week after quitting my LH is 17 (1-25 norm) and my FT is 6 (9-21)? My pre trt FT had been 9.
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    12.5mg Clomid enough

    31 years old started self administering trt in June 2016 (Almost 6 years ago). Shouldn't have started TRT looking back at lab value I got from just doing one blood test (that was after a bad nights sleep). ~450ng/dL with above average Free T cause my SHBG is lowish (wasn't measured on this lab...
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    Nolvadex and Clomid?

    I saw an article by William Llewelyn for where he says that tamoxifen is better than clomiphene to increase testosterone. I would also like to know if it is common to have vision problems with tamoxifen or Clomiphene?
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    Clomid and HCG together

    I stopped TRT with HCG about 2 months ago because we are looking to get pregnant. Immediately upon stopping, I started taking clomid 15mg eod mostly to keep T levels decent while off testosterone. My sperm count now is at 2m/ml so very low. Is it okay to take clomid and HCG together to help...
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    Clomid while on TRT/HCG

    This is not something that I am contemplating, but I am just interested in the mechanism. It is known that Clomid is ineffective while on TRT. Is this because the TRT shuts down the LH production in the pituitary? A common thing to happen is for Clomid user's SHBG to rise while on Clomid...
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