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  1. 4

    first appt at "low t center" thoughts?

    After getting a low total T(230) at labcorp. I made an appt at the "low t center" here locally. I assume this is a national chain and not sure who actually owns these centers. Anyways. I filled out a small questionnaire before the appointment. And had a meeting with a lady(unsure on...
  2. C

    Experience with any clinics in Hawaii?

    Does anyone have any experience with any hormone clinics on Oahu in Hawaii? I’m looking into Infinity Life Center, Hawaii Natural Medicine or Life Restore. It’s going to be for my wife. I go to Defy, but she doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of going to another doctor for annual physicals and...
  3. Nocalves

    Trt Clinic in Czech Republic

    Is there any Clinic, that can take care of me on-line? I am from Czech Republic and there is not any trt Clinic in here..
  4. Castaneda

    Recommendation for a knowledgeable TRT clinic

    I am looking for a recommendation for a TRT clinic with knowledgeable staff, ideally one that practices telemedicine. I have been having issues with Defy, but realize it's inappropriate to post details here... so if someone would be so kind as to PM me and let me know of alternatives, I would be...
  5. J

    Lots of TRT docs and clinics, which one do you guys like best?

    Sorry if this question is already floating out there in another thread. I couldn't find it. Wondering who y'all use for TRT replacement and hormone optimization care. I know Defy is a big one used by many. Are there others I might consider? Who do YOU (yes, you reading this) use? Do you...
  6. P

    Clinic says they can send only one vial now due to DEA rules?

    Hi everyone- Ive been with a telemedicine TRT clinic for a little while now and I noticed they are now saying they, rather than sending the usual 2 5mL testosterone vials out when a refill is due, they are only allowed to send a single 5mL bottle. They are saying this is due to new DEA rules...
  7. S

    Has anyone who began w/a clinic transferred care to a local doc?

    I've been w/a clinic for a year and after a little bumpiness at the beginning of the protocol I feel as if I'm an easy case. Dialed in so to speak. I know that everyone is not (10 minutes in these forums and one will know that). Is there really any reason to stick w/a clinic (outside of...
  8. J

    Clinic advice

    Anyone know anything about Peak for trt
  9. J

    Considering another TRT provider. Advice please!

    I'm working with a popular Tampa based TRT clinic. I've been with them for years, but have lost a little confidence and been disappointed of late. Like many men with low T (diagnosed at age 35 with total T of 181, but probably a lifelong issue), I'm hoping to finally get my body to look and...
  10. J

    Colorado Shuts Down Low T Clinics

    According to a thread on Twitter, which is from a local news reporter, the Colorado Attorney General has shut down three Low T Center locations, because they do not provide "emergency or life-saving procedures.": Colorado's Attorney General directs Low T Centers to stop claiming its procedures...
  11. C

    Clinics for injections

    I know it is unpopular on these forums but for those of you who do go to clinics such as the Low T Center for once a week shots - are you still going during these Coronavirus times?
  12. J

    Vault: Men's Health At Home Startup

    I saw this article in the news. The link below is to Vault's web site. Vault, an at-home healthcare practice specializing in men’s medicine has announced the raise of $30 million in funding from Tiger Capital Group, Declaration Capital and Redesign Health to reach more potential patients and...
  13. J

    Men's Clinic Owner Arrested in Long Island

    The owner of Men's Health of Smithtown, New York (link is to the web page) was cutting corners when it comes to treating its clients and prescribing testosterone himself instead of letting a doctor do the prescription. A news report says: "Brian Michael Kaufman, 45, of Smithtown, is charged...
  14. S

    Hormone Health and Wellness Clinic

    Good Evening everyone, Has anyone heard of or had experiences with the Hormone Health and Wellness clinic located In Florida Run by a Dr. Kurt? Thanks for the help and assistance.
  15. F

    Can anyone recommend a TRT clinic?

    I have just started my trt journey on January 18th and the provider I was using is closing. I am very upset being that I feel great and now I have to start the process all over. Can anyone recommend a clinic and how much do you pay monthly?
  16. J

    Opinions on Low t clinics

    What are everbodies thoughts on low t clinics? Would you say they are more knowledgeable than uro and endos when it comes to low testosterone? I have a few in my area that actually take insurance so I’m considering going to one very soon.
  17. J

    Are these testosterone clinic fees reasonable?

    I've been contacting a few TRT clinics, and am learning that some charge either a monthly or annual fee just to be their patient. Do these fees seem reasonable? Just Right 4 You Hormone Optimization Program Includes: Physician consultation with initial blood draw, DXA Scan with first...
  18. D

    New -- Looking at HRT/TRT and looking for feedback on two clinics

    I just started work with a new life coach, she recommended I get my Hormone levels checked. Results came back with T level 362, Free T 10.6, and DHEA 136.4....All seem to be low per coach and my Doctor. I am 48, in good shape large frame... am showing symptoms of low levels from what I have...
  19. T

    Des Moines, Iowa - Seeking new doctor/clinic

    Relocating to the Des Moines, Iowa area and looking for referrals and or any information on doctors/clinics in the are that are great with TRT. Have a current prescription but looking to continue and have a new doctor that is willing to work with me and adjust levels to combat symptoms etc...
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