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    Anyone else experience low lymphocytes with low vitamin D?

    This past year my Vitamin D has been trending downward. On my last set of labs it was 17. Simultaneously I having been seeing some anomalies with my white count. Specifically my lymphocytes. Anyone have any ideas? WBC 8.4. (4.0 - 10.5 x10*3/UL) RBC 6.13 (4.50 - 6.50 x10*6/UL) Hgb 16.6 (13.0...
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    CBC levels are high need to donate blood

    Hi guys, so where do I donate blood at? Everywhere I have called they're like "omg you're on testosterone you can't give blood here." I need to lose a pint in order to bring hematocrit down etc. Any help would be appreciated on where to go?
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    Polycythemia? Tests Are In Range

    Hi everyone, 1 began trt around September 2016 after a long battle with the symptoms of low T. Tried everything under the sun prior to no avail. My basic question is, can a man have blood ranges all within rage on the CBC any still feel very unwell due to thicker more viscious blood? I...
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