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  1. F

    BEST FOODS while on TRT

    I am trying to gain good weight. What are your favorite lean proteins, good carbs and favorite veggies to gain good muscle weight while keeping fat low?
  2. Nelson Vergel

    The Truth About Carbs

    In this podcast you will learn: - The difference between “good and bad carbs” - The effects of prolonged low-carb dieting on your health - How to manipulate your carbs to build muscle and burn fat - A simple guide to calculate your optimal daily carbohydrate intake - The best dietary choices for...
  3. R

    Yet Another Healthy Carbs Post

    I'm currently reading the book Wheat Belly by William Davis. Not surprisingly he says how bad wheat is for your health and supports a strict low carb diet. However, in one of the last chapters, he affirms something has left me bewildered Oatmeal, for instance, whether “stone-ground,” Irish...
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