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  1. Marchickney

    Dostinex - Cabergoline - Cardiac Risks

    Hi, Was researching Dostinex/Cabergoline as was considering it might be worth trying libido/refractory period wise and though I best check potential sides......Mmmm glad i did ! I would not recommend anyone takes this drug.......... According to the British National Institute for Health & care...
  2. D

    New bloods in, very high prolactin and somewhat high e2. Would a small dose ai help? Or should I look to cabergoline

    High prolactin, e2 somewhat high, would an ai help? Or should I look into caber. On 100mg test E split everyday injections and added calcium d glucarate for e2 and P5P for prolactin, since starting P5P prolactin has increased from 19-27.8. Also looking to maybe increase T dose to get it into the...
  3. Z

    Prolactin crashed

    Hello, I recently started taking cabergoline to help my RLS. I am on hormone therapy. The last few weeks I have noticed I felt pretty crappy. So I got my levels check and one thing I noticed was my my prolactin was undectable. Was wondering if I stop the cabergoline how long it will take for my...
  4. D

    Does cabergoline negate prolactin increase after ejaculation?

    I'm wondering how exactly cabergoline works. I know it'l reduce your current prolactin levels after taking it. But what about ejaculating - will prolactin rise like it normally does, or does caber negate that as well?
  5. J

    Testosterone fine but crashed prolactin/no pleasure

    Hi All - thanks for listening to my story below and would welcome any help Due to a case of acute urinary retention (caused by an anticholinergic) back in early July, I had to go to the ER and was sent home with a Foley catheter for 2 days, and it was taken out on the 3rd day Voiding slowly...
  6. Nelson Vergel

    Cabergoline is Effective in Treating Prolactinomas in Men

    Very good study.
  7. R

    Does cabergoline improve ED? Why do body builders take it?

    Saw some info on it searching the net. Anyone taking it on the forum? Has it helped you in anyway?
  8. E

    Cabergoline only doubt

    can I have a rebound effect after stopping cabergoline? cabergoline reduces progesterone? cabergoline increases estradiol? what is the minimum effective dosage of cabergoline? they are only doubts
  9. A

    Cabergoline for High Prolactin, Low T ???

    I'm on week 2 of TRT, injecting cyp 100mg per week is my protocol with the VA. I told them I was gonna go off the label and inject twice per week, they said they can't treat me if I don't take my meds as directed, so I said "Ok, I'll take them as prescribed" then she laughed. It's like they...
  10. S

    OPEN STUDY: What levels of free T, Testosterone, E2, prolactin, cortisol do you feel best at?

    All of us are following our protocols quite blindly, trying to optimise but unsure what values to optimise to. The lab ranges vary between countries and labs. The NHS for example sets it upper T limit at 750 - whereas many people in the US naturally have higher levels than this and are perfectly...
  11. T

    Cabergoline only on demand

    Is it possible to take caber only on that you have sex in order not to mess to much with ones Prolactin levels?
  12. S

    Cabergoline and TRT

    I’ve been creeping around here for a while and thought I’d ask directly and see if there have been any other experiences or advice that could be offered. I’ve been on 160mg/wk Test Cyp since March. My test levels went from the 300’s to between 990’s and 1090’s (I’ve done three panels since)...
  13. K

    Drug and/or hormone-related hair loss

    I'm 54 and have been on anastrozole and cabergoline for over a year. I've been treating high E2 and prolactin. I started with anastrozole and then, after seeing my E2 come down, added the cabergoline. I've normally got a good head of hair, but starting cab immediately caused noticeable hair...
  14. J

    Caber - Libido - Sides?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. On TRT for 2+ years an everything is great aside from utter lack of libido. Labs are great, mood is good, and all in all no complaints except from the notable libido lack. Been doing research on caber and am considering asking my doctor about it. I've...
  15. L

    New member: Prolactinoma

    Greetings everyone. I am a 28 y/o male who is dealing with a prolactinoma that has caused my testosterone to go below normal (around 271) and prolactin too high (around 231) Long story short, the tumor has shrunken a bit since starting cabergoline( for 2years now) and brought my prolactin down...
  16. Nelson Vergel

    Cabergoline Improves Orgasms in Two Thirds of Men

    Cabergoline in the Treatment of Male Orgasmic Disorder-A Retrospective Pilot Analysis. Hollander AB, et al. Sex Med. 2016. Authors Hollander AB1, Pastuszak AW2, Hsieh TC3, Johnson WG1, Scovell JM4, Mai CK1, Lipshultz LI4. Author information 1Scott Department of Urology, Baylor College of...
  17. Pacman

    Cabergoline - kills sex drive?

    Okay so this is a weird question I am asking, because all current research shows exactly the opposite of what I am experiencing. I have taken 0.25 mg of Cabergoline 3 times already, each dosing 3 days apart from each other. Since I started, my sex drive and function dropped to nearly zero...
  18. Pacman

    Cabergoline - Should I really take it? (pros vs. cons)

    So over the past few months I've been slightly irritated that my ability to orgasm has sort of disappeared (basically ever since I started the injections; I used to be on Androgel). My libido is high, and I can ejaculate just fine (no problems at all in the function department), but my...
  19. Nelson Vergel

    Do Most Men with Sexual Dysfunction Have High Prolactin? Does Cabergoline Help ?

    Reasons why prolactin may be important : "Prolactin acts in a cytokine-like manner and as an important regulator of the immune system. Prolactin has important cell cycle related functions as a growth-, differentiating- and anti-apoptotic factor. As a growth factor binding to cytokine like...
  20. Nelson Vergel

    A new option for orgasm problems in men This study explored the effect of cabergoline on orgasms in men. In the very preliminary pilot study presented at the American Urological Association meeting, Dr Hsieh said that 50 of the 72 men in the...
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