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  1. L

    Need assistance in understanding blood test results - Ranges not defined?

    Hello, My first posting. 51 year old male 5'8" - 235lbs Powerlifter build, muscular but 27-30% body fat Testosterone - Serum (Final) - Testosterone Result: 7.9 Reference Range: 5.2 - 23.7 The lab did not define what these reference ranges measurements are? Please help. Can...
  2. D

    Glad to join this community... looking for guidance to feel more like myself! (Lab Results In Post)

    Hey all! Found this site a while ago and have been lurking a bit, but I think it's time I try taking my health into my own hands. The endo I've been working with here in Austin TX is nice, but she just hasn't been taking my issues seriously enough. A quick bit about me: I just turned 36, am...
  3. S

    Blood Tests, Two Low Tests and One Normal test while on Testosterone Boosters

    Hi All, For the last 8 years, I have been suffering from brain fog, low libido, low motivation, head pressure and tiredness. The first couple of years I went to numerous doctors- family medicine, ENT, 2 neurologists, sleep apnea. No one was able to figure out what was wrong and not one doctor...
  4. D

    Low DHEA

    Anyone have low DHEA levels and still unable to tolerate supplemental DHEA? I tried 25mg(cheap brand) and even 10mg of micronized Pure Encapsulations brand and had similar responses to it. I would compare it to elevated estrogen, but the 10mg dosage was so low I doubt that would be the case...
  5. R

    How many vials ?

    I’m getting prepared to do a blood test and it will be fasted (everyone’s least favorite) . And I’m not every good with these I’m trying to mentall prepare myself for how long and how many vials will be filled does anyone have an idea how many approx? Thank you
  6. T

    High levels on testosterone gel with AI

    I did a morning test where my total testosterone was 880 ng/dl. I'm on 75mg of testosterone gel, with 0.5mg anastrozole every other day. I took the test BEFORE applying the gel for that day. Does anyone have an explanation for why the levels would be this high? Is it just because the...
  7. DragonBits

    Blood test for HCG ??

    HCG Beta Subunit, Quantitative (Cancer) Blood Test This test is used as a tumor marker for certain cancers. It is used to evaluate and monitor male individuals with testicular tumors. This test is also used to determine the presence of hCG in individuals with gestational trophoblastic disease...
  8. DragonBits

    Weird blood test results

    I often have a few surprises in my blood test results. Today's surprise was estradiol. I attached the last couple of blood test results, one from 1-7-2020 and one from 11/15/2019. Today, the surprise was pretty low E2 levels of 8.9 pg/mpwith a Total T of 650. (I tend to do blood test just...
  9. J

    free t3 LC/MS-MS

    Has anyone tested thyroid hormones using LC/MS-MS instead of immunoassay testing? I read a study about the inaccuracy of the immunoassay when testing levels in the lower part of the range especially for free t3. My most recent free t3 level by immunoassay was 2.5pg/ml range 2.0-4.4pg/ml. With a...
  10. T

    3 1/2 d- bt

    Switched to 3.5-day shots Tues.- 6 am and Fri.- 6 pm. Coming up on 6 weeks Fri., should I give blood early Fri. morn when they open 8 am or lastest they take 4 pm? Do most people not drink or eat the night before the test?
  11. F

    Two years on and confused w/last labs

    Hi everyone, First post here, but have been reading a ton... Will try to keep this short. I'm very confused. I started TRT two years ago when my initial labs came in with a total T of ~250ng/dl. I don't have my first labs handy at the moment, but I remember that number. I've been seeing the...
  12. DragonBits

    What are good optional blood / metabolic tests to take?

    I was looking at tests that are beyond the one's typically needed for TRT. I already get the the typical TRT tests that are recommended by Defy and most doctors. I do tend to have trouble staying asleep and in keeping my LDL chol low, but I am looking for health wellness in test in general...
  13. G

    Thoughts on my latest bloods?

    I've been on trt since early August. Still trying to dial in my protocol. I've just received my latest blood test results and interested to hear thoughts from those on this board. My protocol: 50mg testosterone enanthate every 2 days IM 250iu HCG every other 2 days SQ (so alternate between T...
  14. J

    Latest labs 10/13

    Total testosterone-657 (264-916) Free Testosterone (direct)-23.4 (9.3-26.5) LH-5.8 (1.7-8.6) FSH-3.6 (1.5-12.4) Estradiol sensative-17.2 (8.0-35.0) SHBG-53.5 (16-55.9) It looks like I'm neither primary or secondary and I just have high SHBG. In my next consult I am going to ask to go on TRT. My...
  15. V

    New to TRT + HCG need real help

    Today is the start of my 5th week on Test Cyp. I was diagnosed with Low T based on blood work and the side effects I've lived with since I was a teenager. Total Testosterone = 151 ng/dL Free Test = 29.8 pg/mL Estradiol = 18 pg/mL I have had no luck in finding a doctor that would help me in my...
  16. A

    Female blood work

    The following labs are for a 37 year old female. The tests shown were taken in my follicular phase. I started T therapy 2 weeks ago but I cannot figure out why the high level of progesterone wasn't discussed. We discussed low T, possible low thyroid (I have paperwork to have blood drawn for that...
  17. T

    New Blood Work...Any Feedback?

    I just got my blood work results and if you have any feedback that would be great. I apply 1.2 ML(120MG) Compounded Cream to my shoulders every morning. I have low energy. I have a slight pain in my chest (left side) and arm constantly. It is not caused by swimming or weight lifting...
  18. D

    First blood test results.

    Hello again, Just got partial results back from first blood test after 3 weeks on Testogel 50mg per day - Testosterone has gone from 8.2 up to 10.34 SHBG from 20 down to 17 Every thing else is normal i`m told(it was a bit of a rushed phone call) My symptoms remain...
  19. D

    First blood test due tomorrow,testogel application time ?

    Hello all, I would have introduced myself(and will) but i have my first blood test tomorrow at 7pm after 14 days on testogel.I`m wondering if i should apply gel tomorrow morning as per normal or leave it out until post blood test,which would well in excess of 24 hrs since last application ...
  20. J

    High Free Testosterone Level - Concern?

    My question is should I be concerned about having high Free T levels that exceed normal range both in total (23 pg/ml) and percentage (2.7%) ? Since moving to injections I have done two blood tests (not ideal times but based on travel to US where I can order my own test through DiscountLabs)...
  21. F

    Androgel for 3+ Months, Little Improvement

    I was on TRT before & stopped to save a few bucks. felt like crap for a couple years. Had blood work done in March before I found this site. I'm sure my doctor isn't an expert on treating this & my blood panel is probably not sufficient, but I would like some feedback & advice on what to do...
  22. J

    Help - Conflicting Testosterone Test Results - Salvia vs Blood Test

    I am hoping someone can shed some light on blood vs saliva testing of Testosterone levels. I just had my testosterone level checked via a saliva test, the results were over 2000 > (not sure of the units used) , which my “new” doctor told me were way too high. However just a week earlier I had a...
  23. J

    Which Testosterone Test is the Most Accurate

    I see discountlabs offer two different tests for Testosterone. A $29 version and $79 version. Historically, I have gotten my labs done at Quest. Wondering which of the two tests offered by discountlabs would give the most accurate reading.
  24. O

    Just done a blood test, need your opinion.

    Symptoms: Fatigue (sometimes severe), overweight, Gynecomastia, loss of memory and concentration, depression, acne, Age: 36 Male Height 5 11 , weight 222 , activity level:extremely low, very stressful life :( ..i take nexuim, addarel, fish oil, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, melatonin, OTC...
  25. C

    This is my second blood test. I think I know the next step. Can some others please take a look? :)

    Hey guys Firstly please note: I'm having this blood work done in Thailand so the unit of measurement might be different than in the states. And I did not have access to a "sensitive" e2 test. Only regular :). I do not have access to any type of men's health clinic here in Thailand, but I have...
  26. J

    Testosterone 266 - What Say You?

    I want to my doctor for yearly physical. Prior to physical blood test was ordered for CBC, Lipids, Metabolic Panel, etc. Everything looked good. I'm 46. At physical I complained of difficulty losing weight even though I am working out 4 to 5 days per week. I would not describe myself as fat but...
  27. Nelson Vergel

    Total and Free Testosterone Test $29 Limited Time Offer

    Total and Free Testosterone Test $29 Limited Time Offer I hope you take advantage of this one time offer! FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: 1. How is different from any other lab test companies in the market? What states...
  28. J

    Low eGFR (renal function) Test Results?

    Hey All!! Has anyone had a low eGFR result come back with blood tests? Just had mine come back as follows: 10/09/2015 5:15:00 p.m.: From labtests RENAL FUNCTION TESTS Sodium 141 mmol/L N 135 - 145 Potassium 4.0 mmol/L N 3.5 - 5.2...
  29. Nelson Vergel

    $ 49 Special for Total and Free Testosterone Testing

    Total and Free Testosterone Test- Reduced to $49 until Friday Aug 14, 2015. Lab request form sent to you via email is valid for 90 days. Cheapest competitor price $79 You will also see a 5 % discount code when you visit the site:
  30. C

    Levels after Clomid for 3 months

    I got my results back this morning (they were uploaded to my patient portal with Labcorp). I see the doctor on Friday. The range was 348-1197 and my level was 495. He also only tested my Hematocrit and my level was 50.2 and the range was 37.5-51. Before I went to this doctor (4th one) on...
  31. Nelson Vergel

    Validity of Midday Total Testosterone Levels in Older Men with Erectile Dysfunction

    Validity of Midday Total Testosterone Levels in Older Men with Erectile Dysfunction; Welliver R, Wiser H, Brannigan R, Feia K, Monga M, Köhler T; Journal of Urology (Feb 2014) INTRODUCTION: Based on studies demonstrating the circadian rhythmicity of testosterone levels, the optimal time of...
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