aromatase inhibitors

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  1. M

    Opinions on E2 management.

    On TRT for just over 4 years. Lately I've been part of a facebook group that also has a youtube channel: They are all things TRT, however a very strong theme of the group is that NOBODY needs an AI. EVER. So for the past 6 months or so I have not...
  2. Z

    Still feeling horrible after E2 crashing and recovering

    Hey everyone, please bear with my long story! I messed up big time and I'm in dire need of help!!! I was prescribed testosterone cypionate (100mg/week, split into daily shots) in July 2020 after a couple of tests confirmed low TT levels (approx 200 ng/dL). This brought my TT up to 800 - 900...
  3. W

    Anastrazole and Shrinking nuts

    This is my first post here, after lurking around for a while. Ive experimented with different stroids over the years (about 20), mostly Deca/Test/HCG. I was diagnosed with slightly low T when I was in my 30s and have been on T since. Now that im 51 I only take test Cyp.. My protocol is about...
  4. N

    Do all Aromatse Inhibitors affect cholesterol?

    I’ve been reading a lot about Aromatse Inhibitors since my last labs. In March my HDL was 36. September 34.... prior to March I was barely working out and had almost no routine in the gym and my diet was horrendous. Since March though I’ve been working out hard, I’ve put on 15 pounds of lean...
  5. Ckblgr

    How to Dose Aromasin (Exemestane) -- A Proposal

    All, I love how aromasin (exemestane) makes me feel, much more than arimidex (anastrazole). Anastrazole feels harsh and slightly poisonous, where exemestane feels smooth and mild. I have been using it on and off for years as a stand-alone, to both increase testosterone, lower SHBG and control...
  6. Dr. John Crisler

    TRT without the use of Aromatase Inhibitors

    As an Osteopathic physician, less drugs is better. To be clear, I wish we never had to add an AI to a gentleman's TRT regimen. Through this thread, let's explore this topic. I am especially interested in hearing from guys who previously were on an AI, then successfully discontinued it. At a...
  7. R

    High Estradiol

    I had my blood tested, via Discounted Labs. I only had a Testosterone and Estradiol Sensitive test. i've been trying to find some information about what the best dosage is for Arimidex, but haven't found anything. My Estradiol was in the high range. It was 49.3 pg./ml. Their range is...
  8. T

    Aromatase inhibitors other than arimidex?

    I am looking into other drugs to inhibit aromatization. Most of what I find online is from aas forums. Has anybody here had luck, or tried anything other than arimidex? It seems to be the gold standard. I am up to 1 mg a day to keep symptoms of high e2 away and I am feeling very good. But I...
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