anxiety and low self confidence

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  1. Z

    DHT really low- makes no sense

    So I have been feeling pretty crappy lately (down depressed anxious and no libido) and decided to do labs. I had labs done and my t was -1319 E2 sensitive was - 31 Shgb- 42 Free T was 29 But the weirdest one was my dht it came in at 50pg/ml. Which is incredibly low. What makes no sense is I’m on...
  2. L

    Symptoms of Low T Except Libido and Erections Still Good

    Hello All, About 6 months ago I started weight training with body trainer. He said I was one of his hardest working clients but noticed I was not making muscle. He said it would be a good idea to get T tested. I read up more on low T issues and sure enough I have some symptoms: Insomnia...
  3. T

    Confidall question

    Is there anyone here on this forum that uses or have used Confidall that could share something about this supplement. It seems to be godd for confidence enhancement among other benefits.
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