androgel vs injections

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    TRT gel dosage

    I'm new here but thought I'd post this to gain some insight. I've been on T for 10 years, since radiation therapy for a tumor in my neck knocked out my pituitary's ability to keep the boys producing. For whatever reason I've used topical gels, except for a recent 2-yr period when I had no...
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    I am thinking about starting testosterone therapy again. years ago I tried shots that I gave to myself. It was ok until I injected in the wrong spot one day and felt like I gave myself sciatica so I stopped that. then I tried a cream from a compounding pharmacy. I am very hairy and it was a...
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    TRT, high/'normal T/FT, low SHGB, low E

    Hi there, greetings to you all. Sorry for my Englisch/misspellings. Englisch is not my native language. 43 y/o male I have used Finasteride and SSRI in the past. Which led me probably with Low T and low E. Don't wanna go too deep into this. There are much forums about these topics and they...
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    What caused my T levels to drop, decreased energy and libido ... AGAIN

    I started testosterone 20.25 mg/1.25 gram (1.62 %) gel 1 pump on each arm in April and increased to 2 pumps or arm in May with increased T Levels up to 707 in October. T gel caused atrophy so started 20 units of HCG and gradually increased to 40. Now "again" experiencing reduced energy and...
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    Androgel vs Injections

    I am a retired 74 year old very fit for my age , been using Androgel for approx 8 years and have not been able to get my test over 500 with Free 5.8 which is low . What alarms me is my estradiol level on my recent labs was 41.6 which I was told was somewhat high . My DHT was 148 . I have been...
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