amino acid supplementation

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    New research on Taurine improving HPGA

    Came across this video (linked below) showing a new study outlining that Taurine supplementation might increase Gnrh, FSH, LH and general testicular health. - relevant commentary from @24:25 Thoughts on adding 1g/day to the supp stack?
  2. C

    High blood pressure meds- what's best for TRT and ED?

    I'm 46, and have been on TRT for about 8 years. I'll put my regimen below, but I'm pretty locked in for TRT, although 5 mg daily tadalifil doesn't always cut it. Anyway, my bp has been creeping up over the years. I've been on Lisinopril 20 mg for 10 years. But have been running 135/84 on...
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    Injectable aminos and L Carnitine?

    Anybody using any of the injectable aminos from Defy or other sites? How bad is the pain to inject? Most look IM but it shows l carnitine being subq, has anybody tried it that way?
  4. Outcome

    Master Amino Acid Pattern (Map)

    Anyone familiar with the Map amino acid supplement? The claim is that they are 99% usable protein whereas things like whey protein is 16% utilized, meat fish and chicken 34% and eggs are 48% usable protein. More modern versions of the supplement are perfect amino and kion amino. I’m thinking...
  5. R - powders aminos whey and supplements

    MyProtein claims to be U.K.'s No.1 in sports nutrition and is expanding in to the U.S. market. Labdoor gives their Iso Pro 97 whey, Impact whey isolate and Impact whey high scores for quality and price. #1, #2 and #4 respectively. Range: The range of products is quite large. Selection...
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    An introduction to Amino Acids and immune fuction Aminos 101, The basics on aminos and immune function. "Controlled Amino Acid Treatment (CAAT), a purely nutritional approach to targeting cancerous cells... ... reduces the amount of certain amino acids such as glycine which are necessary for DNA...
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