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    Blood test results in need of Advice

    Recently had some blood work done I’m 23 years old In aus we don’t really have trt clinics so the docs here just say all is good. I’m looking for any advice as to why my tt is low for my age and my igf1 is really high. Also experiencing Ed sometimes and just feeing flat
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    high cortisol levels

    hello all! i have a microadenoma. i haven’t checked my test, but i have a bunch of labs with low test already. also with low fsh, lh, free t3 and t3 uptake (if i remember correctly this was also low when i read it), low igf-1, low estradiol, BUT high cortisol in 24 hour urine. like the high in...
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    New here. Need advice. anyone with pituitary tumor?

    Hello. i created this account recently to look for help on what to do next. I'm 28 and got diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. My LH is sitting at 0.9 (range 1.5-9.3) FSH 1.96 (range .63-2.50) while FT 2.80 range 4.0-30 TT 2.96 range 2.41-8.27, lastly SHBG 51. If you guys need other useful labs i...
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