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  1. M

    In the search for libid, Started “”“””Addyi”””””

    I just got 3 bottles of addyi which should be enough for 3 month. As I understood I have to take it for two month if I didn’t see improvements then it didn’t work for me. Updates will be posted here. Protocol: Sustanon 17Mg EOD HCG 500 EOD FSH 75 EOD
  2. J

    Addyi Experience

    I have post-finasteride sexual issues. I put them in 3 categories: ED, loss of libido, and loss of sensitivity/increased refractory period/anorgasmia. The ED resolved on its own with time but the other 2 issues persisted. I started Addyi and it's working very well for libido. I'd highly...
  3. M

    Contact in New York fro addyi

    Anyone knows where can I get this in New York ? I tried defy but they don’t have it. Although dr.saya told me he prescribed to some. Even if a pharmacy have it a can link them with defy. Or another doctor maybe
  4. Nelson Vergel

    One-Year Report Card on Addyi, the Female Libido Drug

    “The FDA buckled to pressure from a savvy astroturf campaign and approved Addyi despite serious health risks and negligible benefits,” said Cindy Pearson, Executive Director. “Looking back one year later, we see a lot of broken promises, studies that were never conducted, safety training that's...
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