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    Just started TRT My Testosterone levels were extremely low at 100

    I'm new to this experience but I have learned much just over the last month or so since I just started at a TRT Clinic. Originally I met with the Doctor before my labs were done and explained that I want to do this for my Health, mental as well as physical. I'm wanting to become the best version...
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    High DHEA naturally but doctor prescribed DHEA mixed with Test Cyp

    Hello guys, Below are my Pre TRT results. I am 4 days into my TRT. The protocol is 200mg a week of test cyp with 50iu X 2 times a week of gonadorelin but I am doing daily dosing 200mg/7days= 28mg a week. but I am a bit worried about my PRE T results that show HIGH DHEA. The main thing I am...
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