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    How do you know where to get peptides?

    I know there are literally hundreds of places to buy peptides. How do you choose which one? I want a legit product more even more so, a safe product.

    The reviews on them all are so hit or miss.

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    I do not trust the internet for them. I had a legitimate source for years that folded. From 31 to around 37 I was taking a saturation dose at bedtime and around noon on my 2nd workout.

    I find it laughable when people poo poo on ghrp "I didn't feel anything" as a person who was on the high end of activity, the results were remarkable. Better sleep, better recovery, period.

    Now I plan to look into getting them as an RX somehow. That would be my suggesting for you as well.

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    I believe Sermorelin is the only one that you can get on the legit market with a script, I may be mistaken on that. But otherwise, any of it is risky. Ive bought a number of peptides and RCs from a handful of retailers. Some I had lackluster experiences with, enough that for ED medications I went to getting those from overseas and I have a better experience with those medicatiosn than the peptides. Did the peptides work, yes, but they seemed weak, too me. Enough that I stopped buying them.

    As far as GHRP2/6...I had bad sides with those, assuming I had the dosing correctly and timing, didn't do anything for me, enough reports that they take more time (months) to manifest positives was another factor in my trial of those two specific ones.

    It's another one of those oh so common things on this board...they're individual, some people like MolonLabeDoc love them and others only thing they got was a lighter wallet and some sides.

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    Let me add that of the sites I used no one ripped me off of gave me any problems, ever.

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    I would like to know if anybody has bought PT-141 from MaximPeptide? Also, I am wandering how it worked?

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