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    TRT & Hair Loss

    Hope I'm not beating a dead horse here...but I've read tons of posts regarding this and nothing really seems to pinpoint what I've experienced.

    I don't know my numbers exactly, so forgive me but I'll give you a brief overview. If you are in the same boat I would love to hear from you!

    I started T injections in March, 2016. Just T @ 200mg every 2 weeks. I went every 2 weeks until October, 2016 and quit due to the testicle shrinkage. At the time my clinic told me NOTHING about HGC, Anastrazole...etc. I stayed off T until things down below were normal again, which was March of 2017. Now I have had a vasectomy so my testicles don't really matter as far as size, but they were retracting up into my abdomen to the point that I was having to push them down constantly.

    So in March 2017 I went back to my clinic and got back on T, However NOW they offered HCG and Anastrazole, which they gave me for free due to my previous complications that went unaddressed. What I noticed that going back on T after the break... I didn't have the same results. The first time around everything felt better. I had better energy, better workouts, better mood, etc. After my 6 month break, going back on I felt nothing, so the Doc increased me from 200mg every 2 weeks to 300 every 2 weeks. At the time I was doing Anastrazole on day 2 and HCG on day 5.

    What I noticed with the T increase is that my scalp became ridiculously itchy and I noticed sudden hair loss. Now I AM NOT pre-disposed to male pattern baldness. So after consulting with my DR, he suggested that I back off the Anastrazole from weekly to every 3 weeks. Didnt work. After a few months it didnt work, super itchy and where my scalp would itch I could pull hair from easily, no tugging at all, just a gentle stroke and hair comes out. So the Doc said O,k lets dial down the T back to 200 mg every 2 weeks. Nothing. Still losing hair. I now do 100mg at home every week and no change. Not only am I thinning, but the hair itself is thin. Normally if you yank a hair out it has a noticeable follicle. Mine come out with almost no follicle at all...just a piece of thin depleted hair.

    All this said...Is there anything that can change this while staying on TRT? I am taking Biotin and Prostate supps, the prostate supps have the same ingredients as a DHT blocker: zinc, selenium, saw palmetto, pumpkin seed extract...etc. nothing has worked. How can we stop the DHT from destroying the hair follicles without going on a harsh medication such as finasteride?

    BTW. I'm 41, 175lbs, healthy, work out regularly


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