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    LabCorp uses age ranges for Free Testosterone but not for Total Testosterone.

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    Get another dr. Did he check shgb levels.? If not , some of your T could be bound in this homone and unavailable for body to use... just a thought

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    @Fatboy, I would HIGHLY recommend talking to Brandon Addison at Low T Nation.

    I have NO affiliation with LTN, but highly recommend them.

    I see that you've talked to Defy and Prime Body. I'd like to recommend you talk to Low T Nation as well. The CEO (Brandon Addison) is one of the most knowledgeable people in the US and teaches TRT treatment to endos and uros all over the world.

    Don't let the name bother you...it's meaning is "we are a low T nation and we can help".

    I was with two tele-clinics (won't name them, but one is mentioned in this thread) before finding and loving LTN. The other clinic I was with took forever to get labs, responses from the Drs/staff, etc. Their protocols are cookie cutter. The other was a disaster bc they blended arimidex with the testosterone and crashed my E2.

    LTN is in Atlanta (where I live) so I went to their office to check them out (skeptical because of the name). Their office is top notch and is in Buckhead (a high end part of Atlanta). They really took their time walking through their program and I was thrilled to finally talk to a Dr who really gets it.

    You'll be able to start IMMEDIATELY after getting a physical and labs (Defy has a 2-3 month waiting period).

    Lastly, their pharmacy (Hallandale) screwed up my Rx and it didn't ship. Their office admin DROVE TO MY HOUSE to deliver a dose from their office supply.

    It's a little more than Defy, but it's WELL WORTH IT!!

    Here are some videos:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9S-lDip86g&t=529s <-- fertility on TRT
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DwUAy8F3RQ <-- choosing the right Dr


    Good luck!!

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    One slight clarification to the thread. Our current wait time for all providers with the exception Dr. Saya is roughly two weeks. Dr. Saya's consult wait times are between 5-6 weeks.

    We constantly look to improve this and to lessen wait times, but never at the expense of the consult time allotted with our providers and there is only so much time in the day.

    I am happy to hear you reached out to us @Fatboy, please let us know if you have any more questions.

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    If I were you OP I would run the necessary labs to paint the whole picture right now, freeze some sperm, and then proceed onto a TRT regimen with hcg at s fairly high dose, the hcg.

    Do a sperm analysis before jumping on as well. No reason to freeze speed that’s no good. If that’s the case you need to let a fertility doc help fix the problem.

    Seems like you sre are doing your homework and willing to self treat. Keep doing your homework. Most docs are not educated on this stuff.

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