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    Labs all improved, but libido down

    Hey guys, thanks in advance for any input:

    Previous test results: TT 600 FT 14 E2 90 (non-sensitive) Cortisol 12

    Last weeks reults: TT 800 FT 21.7 E2 65 (non-sensitive) Cortisol 26

    I havent changed the amount of TT taken per week, actually reduced it by 25mg.

    Previously I was taking 40mg 3 times per week and switched to EOD shots of 25mg to lower E2. I would have thought my libido would improve not go down!
    Anyone have an idea as to why that could be? All other bloods are fine although Hct is at 50.1%. I realize my cortisol is high but have been fighting an injured shoulder so that could contribute to the unusual reading.

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    Please post your lab ranges. E is way too high though that's the wrong test you had there and Cortisol is a saliva test and not a blood test, and then this quizzical statement tells me that you're all messed up, you say T dose stayed the same then you reduced it by 25mg:

    "I havent changed the amount of TT taken per week, actually reduced it by 25mg."

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    I agree it would be nice to see all your labs with the ranges. Have you ever had a thyroid panel?
    I am not a medical practitioner. Any suggestions I provide are not medical recommendations and are just my opinions. Please consult with your physician on any matters concerning your health.

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    I'm also wondering about lab timing. Trough labs are easy when injecting twice weekly but get a little more complicated when injecting eod. Cant compare labs unless timing is the same.

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    Yes, sorry Vince. Mistake there. I was taking 120mg per week. So it actually decreased by 20mg. I take 25mg EOD. As one of the guests on the TOT Revolution (Dr Sakkas) suggested to do to lower E2.

    I was advised to take a test on the say of my next shot. Take the bloods in the morning and then my shot after the test.

    Hope that helps.

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