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    DHEA and HCT/Hemoglobin

    Does anyone know if DHEA supplementation effects H/H? The few times I’ve tried using it my h/h were the highest they’ve ever been for me, but there were definitely other factors that could’ve been at play as well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    DHEA is one instance of treating a number on a lab test and telling guys that they need to supplement it...if you're not tolerating it well just drop it. I've not heard a direct correlation between the two.

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    Well, I do agree, but I wanted to continue an experiment in my ketone testing. The one time I was on it and using a ketogenic diet, my ketones tested 3.1 mmol. Otherwise my ketone readings are .4 mmol! Could’ve been a fluke that one time, but that’s why I’m curious to try it again.

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    I've never seen any relationship between DHEA and HCT, I supplement with DHEA just to keep my levels in a good range.
    I am not a medical practitioner. Any suggestions I provide are not medical recommendations and are just my opinions. Please consult with your physician on any matters concerning your health.

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    Gotcha. I’ll start supplementing it again and see what happens.

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