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    Sex Hormones and Fibromyalgia: The Pain Connection

    "In this study Younger measured testosterone, progesterone and estradiol levels as well as cortisol in 8 women with FM for 25 days straight while having them record their pain levels. He found that both progesterone and testosterone were inversely correlated with pain levels; that is, the higher the FM patients’ progesterone and testosterone levels were the lower their pain was."

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    "In two studies, Hillary White PhD used testosterone gel to successfully reduce pain in fibromyalgia. Her testing revealed that blood testosterone levels of the women entering the study were in the lower half of the normal reference range for their ages. Using the gel normalized, and slightly increased, their testosterone levels to just above the reference range. (The gel does not appear to be FDA-approved.)

    A third of the women reported a 50%, or greater, decrease in pain. Forty-two percent were reported to have a 33%, or greater, decrease in pain. Tender point sensitivity was significantly reduced. Libido was significantly increased. The treatment had no effect, though, on headache severity, sleep, anxiety or depression. White also found reductions in fatigue and has proposed that her testosterone gel can help with the intractable kind of fatigue found in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)."

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