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    Do i need trt? Bloodwork after 8 months off AAS after years on

    Hi all! This is my first post here, but been reading for a long time on this forum!
    Im 27 and living in Belgium.
    From age 19 to 26 i used allot of steroids mostly test only sometimes id take an oral with that. At the age of 25 i wanted to come off everything due to having serious problems with libido and ed. So at the age of 26 i quit everything and did a power pct.
    But nothing happend. Balls didnt even grow a little bit. Fast forward: from age 26 - 27 i did a couple of runs hcg followed by nolvadex and last time clomid.
    After 4 weeks of the last clomid pct i did bloodwork and here are the results.

    Pls help me evaluate this bloodwork, because my doc says my test is in range so nothing is wrong with me.

    Also, IF i need trt this is most likely gonna have to be all self medicating because in Belgium trt is 250mg sustanon once every 3 weeks. And that sounds horrible!

    Blood results :

    Total test. 297ng/dl (249-836)
    Free test. 5,11ng/dl (5,71 - 17,84)
    Shbg 3,89 (1,3 - 7,41)
    Oestradiol <25 (11-43) ng/dl
    Tsh 1,03 (0,27-4,20) mU/l
    Free t4 16,1 (12,9- 21,4) pmol/l
    Free t3 4,57 (4,09-6,79) pmol/l
    Lh 4,0 (1,7-8,6)
    Fsh 4,2 (1,5-12,4)

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