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    Does HGH Use Lower Testosterone Levels?

    Hello Everyone,

    Its been a while...and some trial and error.

    I have since changed and settled on a new protocol which includes:

    50mg Delatestryl 2x/week (Monday morning and Thursday night)
    250iu HCG 2x/week (Tuesday morning and Friday night)
    .25mg Arimidex 1x/week (Monday morning)
    2 iu HGH Omnitrope (Mon., Tues., Thurs. to Sat.)

    As you can see I'm using a somewhat basic dosing protocol.

    What I have noticed is that every time I start using Omnitrope my Testosterone and DHEA Sulphate blood test numbers drop by 4 or 5 points.

    I have looked everywhere online and there is absolutely nothing about this strange occurrence. Most post suggest something about numbers being higher, I believe.

    Has anyone else noticed lower testosterone, etc. blood test number while using HGH?

    It almost as if my body is trying to balance itself.


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