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    Sermorelin Help Needed

    Can someone help. My clinic sold sem 9mg with ghrp 2 6 mg or total of 9 with both I forgot itís in fridge either way it has 9cc it appears of bc water. They told me 10?on diabetic 30ml needle and confused because there is so much water in that bottle. I am familiar with hgh this is 911 guys as going on 3 weeks and 10 on a 30 ml x 3 weeks the bottle still looks full. This clinic did not take blood test so Iím doing this for fat and weight loss what is the correct dose for woman 5 foot one 42 on needle. Iím just creating my own dose at this point ty

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    See if this is helpful. Dosing information towards the bottom of the page. There is some UTube stuff out there as well. I do not know how reliable any of this info is.


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