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    Where to get out of print or used books to review - here is the answer

    O.K. Not a book review BUT a great source to find almost any and all books you want, and even some you don't
    Story: I was doing some research and google books pops up a limited page review of an FY 2000 medical text : Advanced Therapy of Prostate Disease that had a section that had the info I was looking for. Amazon had a new copy for $78.00 and used ones for around $12.00. I also looked on: https://www.abebooks.com/ This site has inventory listing from all over world. US, UK, Canada and all points in between. I found a seller in California in the same price range as ones listed in Amazon for used book, and now have it on the way. So if you are NOT in the US this may be a great source to find older books that you may be looking for. Even if you are in US and are looking for books that have been published in other countries, this may be your answer.
    EXAMPLE: https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/Sea...tate+&kn=&isbn=

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