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    Blood work Results

    Just did some blood work via defy and got my lab back i just turned 26 and this was my results

    575 ng
    14.4 Free T
    351.1 DHEA
    2.35 TSH
    26.7 Estradoil

    I was wondering if my levels are normal and should I still schedule an appointment with the the doc?

    Jus brief summary back in 09 when i was 18 i did some blood because of my severe gynecomastia in which the test came out to be 336 ng but i was really out of shape. Fast forward 8 years i got myself in shape and lost 60-70 lbs and was always curious where my levels were now. But i still feel like i have feminine body and would like to get surgery for my gynecomastia down the road but want to make sure my bloodwork/hormones are where they need to be.

    Any suggestions would be awesome thanks

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    Welcome to Excelmale. Your levels aren't bad, far, far better than many than many of us presented with. But they are incomplete. Was your thyroid evaluated? If these were done at Defy's request there must be additional information.

    What at sort of symptoms are you having? You write of "severe gynecomastia" when you were younger; this was classic, glandular enlargement and not simple fat accumulation on your chest? How was it treated and finally resolved?
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    It was higher than when i last got my blood work checked one second ill post a gyazo of full blood work

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    Found my first bloodwork from back in 08

    Also my Gynecomastia now here is what i look like def glandular
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    Your labs are good and your body is by no means feminine, but that is definitely some serious gyno. If you're lucky, it may respond to something like tamoxifen, but at this point I doubt it will. Hopefully Defy will be able to help you out

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    Is surgery an option for your Gynecomastia, if you have the glands removed you won't able to get gyno again?
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