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    Nurse Jill at Defy Medical

    I just wanted to post a quick review about how pleased I was with my consult with Nurse Jill at Defy Medical. I know a lot of guys can be nervous about discussing issues with someone of the opposite sex, but she is very knowledgeable, and you can tell she really cares of about men's health. Thank you again!

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    I talk to her tomorrow in fact, she's my go-to at Defy, I always have my consults w her and she takes care of things for me outside of a consult...real asset to Defy.

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    Agree. My last consult was with her. Very friendly, courteous, helpful and well-informed. She even responded to an email after hours. I'm very pleased with every experience I have had with Defy.

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    Jill's a senior member of our medical team and has been a star from day one!

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    I've always enjoyed having female doctors, it's probably just because I'm attracted to women. There are women doctors that I left because I felt they were incompetent. But I believe Jill's one of best.
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