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I'm currently reading the book Wheat Belly by William Davis. Not surprisingly he says how bad wheat is for your health and supports a strict low carb diet. However, in one of the last chapters, he affirms something has left me bewildered

Oatmeal, for instance, whether “stone-ground,” Irish, or slow-cooked, will cause blood sugar to skyrocket. No diet should be dominated by any of these grains, nor do you need them. But most people can do fine by ingesting these grains in modest quantities (e.g., ¼ to ½ cup) [sic]

He basically says the same thing also for quinoa and legumes. Honestly I have also considered these carbs as the healthiest and they are my main source of carbs.
What do you, Nelson and the other forum gurus, think?
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Nelson Vergel

Insulin and Glucose Responses to Various Starch-Containing Foods


Actually there is some truth about oatmeal causing more insulin increases than other carbs commonly assumed to be low glycemic due to their fiber content. Read this interesting paper attached to this post on the insulin response of certain food in people with Type 2 diabetes.

What this paper ignores, however, is the fact that once we add nuts and berries or yogurt to oatmeal, the glycemic index of the mixture is different than any of its separate components.

Insulin and Glucose Responses to Various Starch-Containing Foods in Type II Diabetic Subjects
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