What's a good baseline protocol?


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I have been changing my dose and frequency and medications way way way too much. I never have a libido and always have erection issues. It takes a very long time to achieve an erection.

What's a good baseline protocol to start over trt with? Should I include HCG? Ai?

My last blood at like 5 weeks on 70mg and 400iu twice a week: total T 1250, e2 sensitive 67, shbg 34.5

I see 50mg twice a week listed often. I did 40mg e3d for a year and didn't feel symptom relief. So I feel like 50mg e3.5d might be a poor choice.
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Of what, HCG?
e2 sensitive 67
e2 that high I would be looking for a way to lower it.

Any other symptoms ?

Need to provide lab ranges.

Your TT is up there and free-T maybe as well, do you know what Albumin is? If so plug every thing in here, TruT Free Testosterone Calculator by FPT

With a base Albumin of 4.3 your TT and SHBG has free-T at 45.25 ng/dl. I'd say that's pretty high and likely driving e2 too high. If your on HCG this also can be driving e2 higher.

With the info provided my best idea would be to drop HCG if your on it and reassess in 6 to 8 weeks. I'd also say you have wiggle room on your T dose considering TT and Calculated free-T.

Note: I know very little, I responded because I saw your post has been languishing since this morning. Hopefully some more experienced members will be along to help.