What Factors Are Important to You When Looking for a Doctor?

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We are searching for input on what variables you would like to see when looking for a TRT doctor. Are we missing any? Thank you.

Search Criteria

Who do you treat? (select all that apply)

FTM Transgender People
MTF Transgender People

Take insurance?

Yes, but check with us about which ones

Startup Cost (dollar amount or empty if none)

Monthly Cost (dollar amount or empty if none. Provide details)

Travel Voucher
- Yes
- No

Fee Type
- Monthly
- Contract Required
- Cancellation Policy
- Ala Carte

Telemedicine Option

- Yes (phone/video)
- Partial (in-person and phone/video follow-ups)
- No (in-person only)

- Testosterone Replacement (TRT)
- Hormone Replacement (HRT) for Women
- Sexual Medicine
- Nutrition Coaching
- Medical Weight Loss
- Thyroid Replacement
-Adrenal Support
- Cellular Therapy (PRP, Stem Cells)
- Dermatology (acne/hair loss)
- Pain Management
- Immune Disorders
- IV Nutrients
- Fertility
- Injectable Nutrients
- Cosmetic Therapies


- Testosterone Injections
- Testosterone Creams/Gels
- Testosterone Pellets
- Antibiotics
- Metformin
- Trimix/Quadmix
- GH Peptides
- ED Medications
- Injectable Vitamins/Aminos
- Hair Loss Products
- Acne Treatments
- Supplies/Syringes
- Clomid (Clomiphene)
- Nutrients
- PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)
- Stem Cell

City or Cities

State or States

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