westendmedicalsupplies.com is now horrible!


I've been a repeat customer for years...with zero complaints. My main reason for using them was they were one of the few I could find that would ship to NY with no script.

Recently, my order for syringes was cancelled. With no email or explanation! I tried calling and there is no option to even speak to a person. So I place a second order with a different credit card (thinking it might have been an issue with that)...same result.

I then leave a bad review about lack of communication, customer service, etc. on their website after it popped up asking me to review. Now I log in to my account and it says reason for cancelling "fraud".

This company will NEVER get my business ever again. I'd rather pay double elswhere than deal with them. I guess a simple email explaining the problem is asking too much.

PS I sent 3 emails asking for an explanation (2 via website & one direct), all 3 got no replies.