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I had been dealing with an overwhelming urge to eat for over a month. It seemed like there was nothing to look forward to except for eating. Ten days ago I started on 300mg of XL I still had from a Rx from last year. On the fifth day I noticed that the urge was gone and my outlook was positive. Since then I've been eating like 1000 calories per day and I feel great.

When I had taken it in the past, I hadn't been dealing with eating issues and my depression was sort of different, and I didn't feel I was getting any benefit from it. But this time around the effects are profound.


Thank you, keep me updated! How is your appetite?
My appetite seems exactly the same. Even before starting the med, I was on a mini diet since beginning of summer so I switched to light lunches (greek yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, etc) and normal dinners. That allowed me to go from 215 lbs to 205.

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