Webcast : Doctors Speak About Men's Health Issues

Nelson Vergel

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Some of the questions that doctors will be answering on Wednesday on our webcast:

*When do you decide to prescribe T injections vs creams?*

*How do you manage the different side effects? (Hematocrit, acne, hair loss, testicular atrophy, decreased fertility, gynecomastia, etc)*

*With regard to using TRT subcutaneously, what is the optimal dosage? What ester is best? If T propionate is faster acting (shorter half life), wouldn’t a small daily micro sub-q dosage better mimic natural production and hence less endocrine system disruption in the longer term?*

*Do men who use anastrozole or other AIs due to high estradiol see improvements in nipple sensitivity, libido, edema, mood, etc? What is considered high estradiol?*

*What does hCG really do for men who are on lifelong TRT (not interested in having children anymore) other than increasing testicular volume?*

*Percentage-wise, what is your best guess about how many men who start TRT :
a- have to adjust the testosterone dose due to side effects and/or benefits
b- have to take anastrozole or another AI to manage high estradiol
c- have to stop TRT due to lack of efficacy or side effects
d- use hCG
e- have to use Ed drugs to enhance erectile function
f- have to use TRIMIX to enhance erections since ED drugs may not work effectively (explain TRIMIX)*

*Let’s discuss Cialis. How should it be used as preventative daily medication for BPH? Dosage amount? Expand on the anti-atherosclerotic effects*

*Why is Aromasin (Exemestane) not prescribed more as an AI in men using TRT? What would be the optimal dosage for a man weekly?*

*Why is Ipamorelin not prescribed more in lieu of other peptides like Sermorelin?
Do most doctors just script Sermorelin due to it’s FDA approval?*


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To Watch the Recording via Youtube:

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Yes, yes, and YES !!!

1.Please talk more about about Aromasin. How to dose it, every day, once, twice a week and dose... Because, my understanding is, that you do not need to take it every day, because it kills aromataze enzyme and body needs a few days to make it.....

2.Also, I have a question about fertility on TRT without hcg or clomid. If, I'm lets say on TRT (only T) and want to have a baby. Could I just use hcg for a few month to regain fertility, make baby, and after that just come back to only T.

Reason for that is, because I think I have no mental benefits of using it alongside T and my E2 goes high with HCG.....


On a future webcast, it would be terrific to discuss low SHBG, as most of the accepted assumptions for this condition do not seem to translate into real-world. E.g, guys with low SHBG are obese and/or diabetic, that they are always high converters to E2, etc. All they need to feel great is smaller doses more often, etc...
Speed- your second question regarding fertility on TRT will be a good one for both Doctors. Both have worked with men on TRT who successfully fathered children. Dr Saya has developed a few protocols, chosen depending on the individual, which help restore/optimize fertility.


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Can't watch it live, but I'll be looking forward to the recording. I'm just getting things started with Defy, and I'm sure this will prepare me for my consultation.


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That's actually great timing! Only working a half day tomorrow. I have my lab appointment at noon (pacific) for my Defy bloodwork. I should make it home in time.

Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com
Here is the video. I hope you guys like it. Some sound issues (we are planning to use another platform next time since Google hangouts is not a perfect one). 90 minutes of information!


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