Waking up to urinate 2 or 3 times during the night?

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Another glucose lowering alternative: Bitter Melon. Learned this from Ben Greenfield. It brought my fasting glucose level from mid 90s to 81 on my last labs.
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Until we have better evidence, taking berberine with antibacterial properties is kind of like taking an antibiotic chronically: a bad idea.

Taking it for a brief period as part of an anti-bacterial or anti-fungal effort for SIBO and SIFO can be useful, but not as a chronic remedy. I believe that we could even argue that many, if not all, of the apparent metabolic benefits of berberine are due to its beneficial effects on SIBO/SIFO.
Sorry for the late reply. Its antimicrobial effect isn't its primary mechanism of action. Scientists have elucidated several mechanisms already and how berberine interacts with the cholesterol pathway as well as activating AMPK by inhibiting glucose oxidation in mitochondria. Both mechanisms are beneficial and none mention an anti-microbial effect.


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I've decided I'm going to give Metformin a try. My glucose is always around 100 and HA1c is 5.5 - 5.6. From what I've read Metformin also has "life extension" benefits. A very interesting drug, and if it can extend my life while lowering my frequency of nighttime urination, then I will be very happy.

As a side note, I have also been reading that cancer thrives in a sugary environment, and that the ideal glucose level is about 85. So that's another reason for me to lower my blood sugar (I recently had a patch of basal cell removed - would like to avoid that in the future too)
Metformin makes you pee MORE.


If you have low estrogen, this could be why you are peeing 2-3 time a night. Estrogen lowers at night time and low estrogen means you don't hold onto fluids.


You might see if you can get an MRI of your prostate.
That will show how big.
Not sure if a simple "finger wave" goes far enough to reach the end and cover the entire prostate.
IF your uro says we need to do a TRUP I would think twice and do a LOT.... Did I say a LOT..... of research.
I had a prostate near 200 gms and was up all night peeing.
Looked at a PAE (prostate artery embolism) and had one done.
I knew that I might need to do another one due to the size of prostate but NO big deal. NOT INVASIVE.
A few months late I had some bladder kidney stone issues NOT related to the PAE.
My local uro went in to get them,
He had no idea what a PAE procedure was.
Had an issue getting his medical tools into the bladder so he went and did a TRUP to open up the prostate.
I woke up with the nurses giving me large hospital and I had a small bag attached to my leg and was told to get back to the uro in a week or so to remove the foley cath.
A month later still bleeding like a stuck pig with the cath still there.
Another procedure then to fulgerize the are bleeding.
Then a number of months with depends.
Then a number of months with max pads.
Now using mini pads.
Have an MRI schedule for end of the month and will see how fucked up my prostate is.
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