Vasectomy - Have You Had One? What's Your Experience?

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On the T and I am done with having kids. The wife stopped using birth control a few months ago and is now optimizing her hormones. We went back to condoms....boy do they suck. The wife mentioned the BIG V again, which I have been adamantly opposed against for the following reasons:

1. I've never had a surgical procedure in my life and certainly do not want my first to be having my boys cut open. Never a good thing having doctor open you up even if its tiny puncture.
2. I worry about complications such as infection. What is some crazy shit goes wrong and I can no longer get it up. I know, it's highly unlikely but hey shot happens.
3. Being on T I now have low sperm production. I worry that getting V will lower the amount of fluid upon ejaculation. I don't want to shoot blanks.

What are your thoughts on Vasectomy? If you got one, what was your experience? Anything complications? Would you do it again if you could do it all over again? Notice any reduction in ejaculation, etc?
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Ive been on the fence also. Even though I read that volume will not decrease I hear that id does from guys that have had it done.


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You start with an appointment to talk it over with the doctor then you come back again. It takes around 20 minutes. The worst part is the shot for pain. They give it to you on the first side and do their work then do the other side. You have a little time to think how bad it was before you get the second one. They want you to wear underwear that supports your goods till you recover. I don't remember much if any pain after. I don't think I had any volume decrease.
I can not remember the Doctors name but he has billboards all over Florida it took 5 minutes no pain no shot and yes I would do it over again I had a increase
I wish I had done it sooner. It's liberating! The procedure was fast and painless. The nurse gave me a thorough antiseptic cleaning before the doc started. It's such a small wound and minimally invasive that the infection risk is low. I got mine done with a single puncture wound in the lower part of my wiener just above the nuts (many people need two punctures - I say puncture because the doc used a special puncturing tool rather than a scalpel) and followed the post care instructions carefully which basically say to go home, keep an ice pack on, and chill out with Netflix all day and take some Tylenol just in case. The next day I was pretty much back to normal (no exercise for a few days though). No discernible change in volume, but I was never one to measure it. Do it!!!
25 years ago after 4 kids. Would do it again if wife wanted to. Been married 30 years, so we did a few things right.

No big deal, no real side effects. Volume is something that decreases with age, so the side effects perceived may be also due to aging. For some strange reason, since on TRT and daily low dose cialis I have more volume than I have had in 10-15 years or so. Sex 4-5 times per week.

If you are married or sure you don't want kids, do it if you, or your partner want it. I was reluctant when my wife insisted I get it, but after she gave me 4 sons, any argument I could come up with seemed kind of weak...
I got one 5 years ago. Everything went smooth. Definitely worth it if you are done with kids. You hear some horror stories once and a while, but I think for the most part they are highly exaggerated. Frozen Peas work the best for afterwards! Good luck with what ever you decide. Remember to take it easy, I know some who tried to rush into work to soon. Not a good idea
I had on done like 20 years ago. Best thing I have had done. 1 month later and no chance of kids. Would do it again in an instant (if I had to). Very little pain.

I hated condoms.
I had one at age 35. Very easy, very little pain. Done in surgical room in a doctors office. No problems if you follow the recovery instructions, rest, ice or peas as someone said. And don't lift anything heavy for a while. I would imagine that the problems mostly come from guys not following the recovery protocol. I have not noticed a difference in fluid, but who knows.
I would suggest you don't. I wanted to do it but then i started reading the site vasectomypain or something like that its a forum where its a bunch of users sharing all their stories. its about a thing called post vasectomy pain syndrome and its HORRIFYING what a percentage of men have to deal with. imagine having a sharp pain or complications in your testicals that goes on for months or years or the rest of your life. about 10 to 30 percent will have some issues for at least a few months if not much longer and whle not the majority it was enough for me to say forget it. especially since there is a thing called vaselgel that is in experimenting that may coming out in a few years. they still have to take the vas deferens out and inject it but they dont have to cut and burn and its supposed to reversible also and wont have the side effects. but well see if its viable in eliminating side effects.