Tostran gel weight gain. And half life confusion

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Hi guys. I have been on 3 pumps of tostran gel for over a year now. When ever I had my bloods done I always applied my gel in the morning and 2 -3 hours later had bloods and my test was always around 22s. So was in good range... last few bloods I had done my test has been around 7s. But! On these times I never applied it in the morning so no gel the day of bloods...meaning by the next day my test level dropped massively. Hence why I always feel like crap around late afternoon time it’s like the half life is really short! I have upped my dose to 6 pumps so double. I do feel way better. Having new bloods done in 2 weeks so will be interesting to see if my testosterone is holding higher the next day. But since I have been on this double dose 6 pumps (60mg) my weight is shooting up. Abs are disappearing! water retention ? Nipples feel more sensitive. Face looks fuller. Muscles look pumped. Only thing I don’t like is my belly. I have noticed my jeans have become tight. And abs vanishing lol... Anyone experienced this? When I use to take testosterone injections (sust) 250mg/wk I never gained bad weight like this my fat % always went down. Iam sure this gel is either causing me to hold water or just gain fat.
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