Top Reasons Why You May Not Get Proper Help on

Nelson Vergel

Here are top reasons why your question may have not received proper or sufficient replies:

1- Your post (new thread) title sucked. You chose boring and non-descriptive keywords that will not properly archived by Google.

2- You gave little background information.

3- You "hijacked" an existing thread by posting your question in a thread started by someone else. You should start a new thread if you have a question.

4- Your communication style turned off people who could help you. You also forgot to say thank you.

5- You posted your question/thread in the wrong forum section. This is one of the most common issues I see. If your question is related to side effects, then chose the side effect management forum section.

6- You posted your question but failed to return to the forum to answer any further questions related to your issue, leaving people who wanted to help you waiting.

I am sure members can add more reasons below!.

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